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Case Studies

Some recent jobs - January 2019

- We advised an American family who owned a London flat on UK tax issues associated with the flat, including ways to pass on ownership of the flat to the next generation.

- We advised a Belgian firm of tax advisers on UK tax issues regarding shares in a Belgian company held via a UK company.

- We assisted a retired individual who was being investigated in connection with alleged tax liabilities going back 20 years. We persuaded HMRC to put a pending tax appeal on hold and to come to a meeting. The conclusion was that HMRC reduced the liability to tax by approximately 75 per cent.

- We advised two businesses selling takeaway food on VAT disputes with HMRC.

- We advised a CCTV business on tax issues connected with the retirement of the owner.

- We advised a Swiss company on VAT issues to do with the sale of food products made in Germany and ordered online to customers in the UK.

- We advised an individual working in the health sector in connection with an investigation by HMRC into his liability for letting out promises to other practitioners.

- We advised an individual who was about to take up a directorship role in the USA, while remaining resident in the UK, on his UK tax position in relation to share incentives.

- We advised an individual who had worked as a contractor and been remunerated via an offshore loan scheme on her position under the disguised remuneration rules.

- We advised Swiss tax advisers on the legislation relating to cleansing of mixed funds.

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